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Why Choose Rug Cleaning Yonkers?

It’s a reality that your area rug needs regular cleaning; however, finding the right company to do it may be a confusing process. We recognize that our friends and neighbors in Yonkers have an abundance of choices when it comes time to get their area rugs cleaned and that they may be wondering what separates us from our competitors. Rug Cleaning Yonkers offers unmatched customer service, the most experience and qualified service technicians and the highest level of quality in our results. Call us today at 914 888-5545 to schedule your free consultation and estimate on your next area rug cleaning or restoration project

An Unparalleled Cleaning And Repair Process

It’s very easy common for area rug owners to ruin their treasured and valuable rugs by trying to give them a deep clean on their own or relying on a lesser-experienced company. Things like scrubbing too hard, exposing your rugs to extreme temperatures and using the wrong cleaning products can lead to a break down in fiber breakdown, discoloration and tears, leaving your rug considerably worse off than when you first started cleaning it. Rug Cleaning Yonkers uses the safest and most advanced products and state-of-the-art cleaning practices.

Different fabrics require different methods of care and Rug Cleaning Yonkers is fully mindful of the care and maintenance involved with different fibers like silk, wool, cotton, linen and so much more. This knowledge is crucial when determining how to best care for a rug on which our clients may have spent thousands of dollars. We are fully capable of caring for ally types of area rugs.

The Service You Need And Deserve

Another factor that sets Rug Cleaning Yonkers apart from other rug cleaning services in the Yonkers and greater upstate New York area is our exemplary level of customer service. Our technicians provide free removal of your rug from your home prior to the cleaning or repair process, then seamlessly return it to its rightful place as the centerpiece of your living or office space. We offer the quickest turnaround times in the industry and extremely competitive pricing. The process of getting your rug cleaned or serviced starts with calling our techs to your home and assessing the level of care that your rug needs. Contact Rug Cleaning Yonkers today 914 888-5545 today.

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